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Efficient Loan Origination Software
“Redian Fintech is chosen as preferred banking & insurance technology partner by banks, SACCOS, Micro Finance institutions and insurance companies across Middle East and Africa.

Cutting-edge Loan Origination solutions to help scale your business!

Monitoring and Tracking

Redian Fintech creates user-defined tracking reports to track and measure performance against targets.


Master data available in the core banking system is collected to manage loan applications.

Financial analysis

Financial analysis enables banks to arrive at accurate customer and credit risk ratings.

Rapid deployment

Redian Fintech’s loan origination software can be deployed on-site or on the cloud through ASPs.


Redian Fintech offers loan application and financial analysis templates for different loan types.

Loan Management

Monitor disbursal, modify loans, or track payments with Redian Fintech’s loan origination systems. 

Optimize Your Loan Origination Process

Why Redian Fintech?

Transform Your Lending Experience with Our Loan Origination Software.

Built-in parameterization

Built-in parameterization

Parameters can be analyzed to give an accurate appraisal of a loan application.

Regulatory compliance

Regulatory compliance

Redian Fintech ensures that the solutions comply with the Institution’s Credit Policy and Rules.

Loan Origination Flexibility


Incorporate new loan products or modify existing ones according to changing customer needs.

Advanced Reporting Software Solution

Advanced Reporting

Generate appraisal reports like Projected Profitability & Balance Sheet and Stock Statements & Projected Cash Flow.

Integration with core banking systems

Integration with core banking systems

Redian Fintech can be integrated with core banking systems to simplify & standardize the loan documentation process.

Fraud Detection & High-end security Software

Fraud Detection & High-end security

Advanced machine learning algorithms and real-time monitoring detect and prevent fraudulent activity.

White-lable services for all types of banks .

Redian Fintech offers a diverse range of white-label banking solutions that cater to banks and financial institutions of all sizes. 

Mobile Banking

Deliver a hassle-free banking experience to customers with our secure, adaptable, and convenient banking app.

Core banking

Scalable solutions with rich functionality and transactional security that are customizable to the bank’s requirements.

Core Banking Platform

Loan Origination Systems

Fully customizable, work-flow based solution to handle bank’s end-to-end loan processing requirements.

EFT Switch

Our EFT Switch offers authentications, card management, settlements, switching to multiple networks, and authorizations to card-based transactions from multiple channels.

Optimize Your Loan Origination Process

Redian Fintech: Providing Loan Origination Solutions
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Redian Fintech caters to your every banking need through its intuitive interface, easily configurable modules, and endless integration possibilities.


Advanced Reporting Loan Origination Solution


Routing Systems
Loan Origination Parameterization


Financial Analysis


Loan Origination Rapid Deployment


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