Elevating Financial Security: Accessible, Convenient, and Secure Innovative Solutions with FinTrust.

Redefining Anti-Money Laundering for the Future

“Redian Fintech is chosen as preferred banking & insurance technology partner by banks, SACCOS, Micro Finance institutions and insurance companies across Middle East and Africa.

Leverage the FinTrust Advantage for Uncompromising
Financial Security

Advanced Risk Categorization

FinTrust revolutionizes risk assessment with its customizable rules, enabling accurate and dynamic categorization of customers.

Adaptable Customization

Tailor FinTrust to your institution’s unique needs with user-configurable rules. From minor adjustments or major overhauls, FinTrust does it all.

Seamless Regulatory Reporting

FinTrust’s built-in statutory reports allow document generation like CTR, CCR, and STR while supporting OFAC list checks to ensure regulation adherence.

Transparent KYC Insights

Get in-depth identity verification, income source analysis, and a robust KYC document repository integrated within FinTrust.

Intelligent Transaction Analysis

Our AI-driven algorithms analyze transaction patterns, monetary instrument usage, and dates to detect suspicious activities and strengthen security.

Empowered Investigation Workflow

Authorize categorization changes and investigation decisions, leaving an indelible audit trail for confident compliance.

Smarter solutions for your banking needs

Comprehensive Financial Solutions With Redian Fintech

Experience solutions that align with your needs, empower your institution and elevate your financial future.

Anti-Money Laundering Mastery

Redian offers specialized expertise in crafting tailored Anti-Money Laundering solutions that align seamlessly with your institution’s unique requirements.

Proactive Suspicion Detection

Get AI-driven algorithms for intelligent transaction analysis, enabling early alerts for potentially suspicious activities and enhancing vigilance.

Advanced Technological Framework

Experience the cutting-edge integration of J2EE, Oracle, and Open Platform technologies, ensuring a robust and secure foundation for your financial solutions.

Compliance Simplified

With built-in statutory reports and support for OFAC list checks, Redian simplifies regulatory compliance, allowing seamless reporting of crucial information.

Robust Risk Categorization

Redian’s solutions provide advanced risk categorization capabilities, empowering banks to accurately assess and manage customer risks in a dynamic landscape.

Empowered Financial Control

We assist in regulatory adherence and offer tools for establishing internal controls, mitigating fraud, and ensuring financial integrity.

White-lable services for all types of banks .

Redian Fintech offers a diverse range of white-label banking solutions that cater to banks and financial institutions of all sizes. 

Mobile Banking

Deliver a hassle-free banking experience to customers with our secure, adaptable, and convenient banking app.

Core banking

Scalable solutions with rich functionality and transactional security that are customizable to the bank’s requirements.

Core Banking Platform

Loan Origination Systems

Fully customizable, work-flow based solution to handle bank’s end-to-end loan processing requirements.

EFT Switch

Our EFT Switch offers authentications, card management, settlements, switching to multiple networks, and authorizations to card-based transactions from multiple channels.

Accelerating Internet Banking with Next-Gen Technologies

Defending Your Institution, Upholding Financial Trust

In an era where financial security is paramount, FinTrust is your fortress, enabling you to safeguard your institution from illicit financial activities. Our solution is meticulously crafted to align with the stringent requirements of the Prevention of Money Laundering Act (PMLA), 2009.

Risk Mastery

Iso 8583 Integration

AI Insights

Online Validation and Handling
Higher Transaction Volumes

KYC Precision

Demand Loans

Regulatory Ease

Trade Finance

Control Empowerment

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