Empower Your Customers With Redian Fintech User-Centric insurance claim software

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Centric Insurance Claim Solution
“Redian Fintech is chosen as preferred banking & insurance technology partner by banks, SACCOS, Micro Finance institutions and insurance companies across Middle East and Africa.

Empower Your Customers With Redian Fintech's
User-Centric Insurance Claim Solution

Digital Claim Submission

By eliminating paperwork and providing a seamless interface, we make it quick and easy for clients to submit their claims with just a few clicks.

Experienced claim adjuster

Offer your customers access to experienced claim adjusters who work closely with them to resolve any claim disputes promptly and effectively.

Seamless Integration with Existing Systems:

Redian Fintech’s Insurance Claim Management software can seamlessly integrate with CRMs, POS, PMS, etc.

Enhanced Claim Evaluation

Provide real-time verification of coverage, ensuring that customers’ claims are evaluated based on policy terms and minimizing errors.

Transparent Communication Channels

Establish transparent communication channels with customers during the claim management process.

Reduce Claim leakage

Our insurance solutions enable you to analyze the collected claims data and detect potential leakage.

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Why Redian Fintech?

Future-Proof Your Insurance Claim Management with Redian Fintech

Optimal Claim Processing

Optimal Claim Processing

Our solution seamlessly connects to insurers, enabling reliable and lightning-fast data transfer.

Insurance Claim Intelligently route claims Optimization

Intelligent Claim Optimization

Intelligently route claims based on coverage, policy terms, and relevant factors to reduce costs and improve speed.

Insurance Claim Management Multi Channel Excellence

Multi-Channel Excellence

From mobile devices to online portals, Redian Fintech ensures your customers have convenient options to submit and track their claims.

Insurance Claim Handling

Claim handling

Effortlessly manage insurance claims through a single platform with automated workflows.

Insurance Claim Management Straight Through Processing

Straight Through Processing

Speed up transaction processing times for high claim volumes effortlessly, ensuring optimal performance and reliability.

Claim Documentation and Reporting

Claim documentation and reporting

Redian Fintech supports automated and manual generation of reports and claims documents.

White-lable services for all types of banks.

Redian Fintech offers a diverse range of white-label banking solutions that cater to banks and financial institutions of all sizes. 

Mobile Banking

Deliver a hassle-free banking experience to customers with our secure, adaptable, and convenient banking app.

Core banking

Scalable solutions with rich functionality and transactional security that are customizable to the bank’s requirements.

Core Banking Platform

Loan Origination Systems

Fully customizable, work-flow based solution to handle bank’s end-to-end loan processing requirements.

EFT Switch

Our EFT Switch offers authentications, card management, settlements, switching to multiple networks, and authorizations to card-based transactions from multiple channels.

Enjoy the convenience of banking on the go!

Redian Fintech: Simplifying claim management with modern technology

Redian Fintech simplifies the processing and handling of insurance claims through its intuitive interface, efficiently configurable modules, and endless integration possibilities.

and reporting

Insurance Claim Managment Documentation and reporting

Claim handling

Claim handling
Insurance Claim Management Flexible Products

Flexible insurance

Insurance Claim Adjusters

Insurance claim

Insurance Claim Straight Through Processing

Straight Through

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